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L'identification personnelle n'est pas incluse afin de protéger et de respecter la confidentialité des clientes.
Je tiens à remercier chacune des clientes pour ces élogieux témoignages.
Sachez que vous continuez à rayonner à l'intérieur de moi.


Working with Sylvie Lalonde in her capacity as a Professional Integral Coach was a very beneficial and enlightening experience for me, as it set me on the path of recalibration, self-care, and creating a better version of myself.  Under Sylvie’s gentle but directed guidance, I was able to discover the main topic that I needed to focus on to challenge and break away from entrenched patterns, and to come up with complementary developmental objectives that rang true to me. During our sessions, I found her holistic approach and use of various techniques (e.g., meditation, daily journaling, visualization, etc.) instrumental in bringing focus to my practice and keeping me on track in answering the fundamental question of “does this serve me well”.  Heartfelt thanks.

Sylvie, where does one begin to thank you for such a transformative and positive experience? Initially, upon embarking on this journey I had hoped that this experience would help navigate changes in my life and it did.

It was the beginning of an evolution of self that could not, and would not remain buried any longer. I discovered and learned many aspects of myself that were instrumental in a deeper understanding of the interrelationships in both my personal and professional life and that the choices I was in the habit of making were leaving me completely unfulfilled. Sylvie, I will forever be indebted for the support, guidance and teachings you gave me as you helped me navigate to my authentic self.

Shadow on Concrete Wall

L’accompagnement de coaching reçu par madame Lalonde a été des plus professionnels. La préparation détaillée des rencontres et l’écoute attentive en vue de saisir les enjeux,  ont contribué à de riches conversations et réflexions. Des prises de consciences ont pu avoir lieu, soutenues entre autres par le partage d’un ouvrage: No Mud, No Lotus, The Art of Transforming Suffering de Thich Nhat Hanh, qui décrit des pratiques bouddhistes et qui ont permis un cheminement personnel durable. Je lui en suis reconnaissante.

I truly appreciated the kind spirit and genuine approach that Sylvie used for my coaching sessions.  I met her when she was my yoga teacher and her openness to new ideas for the class was something I really appreciated. Like all excellent coaches, Sylvie listens not just to your words, but to what might be going on underneath.  She kept me on track and used different tools at each session. Her use of humour, patience and her great intelligence is an integral part of what she brings to her clients. I truly benefited from these qualities in my coaching and my yoga with Sylvie.  I highly recommend her services!

Above the Clouds

Les sessions de coaching avec Sylvie m’ont permis d’évoluer au niveau interpersonnel, ce qui a eu un effet bénéfique au niveau professionnel également. Son écoute, son ouverture d’esprit, la façon dont je me sentais écoutée et non jugée, ainsi que ses précieux conseils continuent de m’aider quotidiennement. Merci Sylvie!

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